Invest In Your Practice....Invest In Your Staff!

The OAL-PS offers a broad spectrum of educational opportunities to help improve paraoptometric skills which, in turn, means better overall vision care for your patients. The OAL-PS was founded for the benefit of not only paraoptometrics, but for their employers as well. A well-trained paraoptometric can perform many routine office procedures, giving you more time to spend with your patients - and that means better care. The OAL-PS also provides an opportunity for paraoptometrics to meet, make new friends, share ideas, and enjoy quality time with their peers.

To learn more about the newly reorganized OAL-PS, click on the "OAL-Paraoptometric Section" in the toolbar above.

If you have any questions or would like further information on becoming a member, please contact me.

Amy Godeaux, CPOT
OAL-PS President